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I believe you, I believe in you

'I believe you, I believe in you' is a collaborative project initiated by Alicia Kremser and Xuan Hu, which seeks to explore the common ground of intersubjectivity that transcends our thoughts, beliefs, works, and ideas.
As part of the project, I created 'Trace of a moment,' which focuses on the theme of transitory events and the idea of time effectiveness concerning an object. The artwork consists of cardboard pieces that represent frames from a video that documents unique moments of a live performance. Each frame captures different shapes of water drops, which are alive in a low volume of liquid before they dry, and each drop has a unique texture, shape, and transformation over time.
The artwork gives depth to the images by telling the story of a fleeting moment and capturing it in a unique and authentic way. It also reflects on the idea that every moment of a live performance has different qualities at different times, emphasizing the ephemeral nature of art.
Through this project, I aimed to create a deeper connection between the audience and myself as a performer, encouraging them to fully immerse themselves in the experience and appreciate the beauty of transience.

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